The little black dress is the one item of clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobe. It’s the one dress that is perfect for absolutely any occasion, whether it’s formal cocktails or a dressed down summer barbecue. The ultimate in flexibility, it is able to be dressed up or as down as you like and it is for that reason you need to ensure that you get the perfect little black dress. Here are our 5 tips:

Make sure it’s black

Yes this sounds stupid but you’ll be surprised at just how many girls out there have little black dresses that aren’t actually black. They may think that their dark grey, charcoal or black dress that has a bit of white qualifies as an LBD but it doesn’t. The style, sophistication and flexibility of the little black dress relies on the fact that it is a simple black, so make sure the one you buy is like this.


If you’ve ordered a little black dress and it’s not comfortable, then you need to ensure you get one that is. If it’s not comfortable you are never going to wear it so don’t kid yourself that you are. The LBD is there to make your life easier, so it needs to be comfy.

Get the right length

The little black dress is all about flexibility. That means you need it to be suitable for pretty much everything. That means parties, weddings, work, barbecues and funerals just to name a few. Too short and it’s a bit too risque for some occasions, too long and it’s a bit too formal. When buying and looking at length, think whether you could wear it to a trendy bar and a funeral. If you think you can, you’ve got the perfect length.

Dress up and and down

Your new little black dress needs to be a flexible as possible. That means you need to be able to wear it with a range of shoes and accessories. So, ask yourself for example will this look good with:

  • Flats
  • Heels
  • Sandals
  • Simple gold bracelet
  • Bold necklace
  • Simple necklace

If it can tick all these boxes, great!


The little black dress, as well as being about flexibility, it’s all about being timeless. That means it should be stylish, sophisticated and chic no matter what the year, style or current trend. That means when buying your LBD, you need to stop thinking about what’s in style this season and what is working particularly well this year. No, you need to think about the timeless qualities of the LBD and get a classic example. There’s no point in buying a little black dress that is going to be unwearable next year.

If you can find a little black dress that meets all of the points we’ve listed above then you really do have the perfect little black dress. Timeless, chic, stylish and offering the ultimate in fashionable flexibility, you’ll be able to dress for any occasion with hardly any effort at all.