To feel good it’s important to look good and that means not just paying attention to your clothes, but also to your accessories. Just as many men are judged on their shoes, a woman can be judged just as much by their choice of bag. It’s not just essential that you buy the right kind of bag, but that you use the right bag on the right occasion. And don’t forget to colour coordinate too. The right bag soon becomes the wrong bag if you get your colours wrong. To give you a few pointers, here are the bags that we think every woman should own.


Also known as the envelope clutch, it’s important to understand that clutches aren’t just to be thought of as formal, pint sized and only suitable for a night out partying in a chic cocktail dress. That’s quite an old-fashioned view, as they have now evolved to be much larger to accommodate the modern woman’s iPad, purse, phone and a rolled up pair of ballet flats for when your high heels start to pinch.


There is nothing better than a surprise weekend away, so it’s essential you have a fashionable weekend bag that you can quickly fill with your favourite items of clothing and other essentials. Large enough to house 2-3 outfits, accessories and shoes, but small enough to be easily carried on the shoulder, it needs to be pliable just in case your weekend away involves a trip abroad.


A good tote bag, if bought well, will never go out of style. The oversized variety is great as an aeroplane carry-on and the daytime shopper is a fantastic piece of style to carry round your local boutiques. They’re great for the office too, especially if you’ve got a pile of paperwork to carry. Avoid bold colours and prints and keep things neutral and you’ll have a bag that will look good for years. The tote bag really is one of the most versatile of fashion bags.

Small cross shoulder bag

When you don’t need to carry much with you, maybe just your purse, keys and wallet, then you don’t want to be lugging around a large tote or other larger style bag. Neither, depending on what you’re doing, might you want to be carrying a clutch around with you. This is where the small cross shoulder bag comes in. Perfect for days out and nights out, the small cross shoulder is one of the most versatile bags you can own.

Shoulder bags

Like its close cousin the cross shoulder bag, shoulder bags are one of those fashion items that never go out of style. Whether it’s the more conventional mid-sized version perfect for quick trips into town for lunch with the girls or the oversized variety that’s become so popular in the past couple of years, you’ll have a chic and fashionable bag that immensely practical too. Buy well and these sort of bags really can be a bag for life.